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All-New Osaki-JP Premium 4S: Innovative & Indulgent

All-New Osaki-JP Premium 4S: Innovative & Indulgent

The brand new Osaki-JP Premium 4S is now available on! This innovative chair is fully made in Japan, featuring state-of-the-art massage technology. With its sleek style, various kneading techniques, and full-body air bag massage, this Osaki massage chair is the peak of luxury. The JP Premium 4S is available in black, brown, and cream—giving options to fit in with any home decor! Learn more about this powerful massage chair below.

Standout Features of the Osaki-JP Premium 4S Massage Chair

The JP Premium 4S is a versatile chair that will cater to the needs of many with its 3D massage, stretch mode, and full-body airbags. It’s no wonder this is the most popular massage chair in Japan!

3D Massage & Double Sensors

Whether you’re looking for a light massage or an intense rub-down, the 3D massage of the JP Premium 4S will give you what you need. The 12-stage strength adjustment allows the rollers to be extended up to 12.5 cm.

Your massage will also be accurate thanks to the chair’s two sensors that detect your spine and shoulder position. This means it optimizes both the depth and the width of your massage based on your body, giving you the most comfortable massage experience.

Stretch Massage

Decompress and relieve your spine with this massage chair’s advanced stretch mode. It will stretch your neck, shoulders, and waist to relieve tension and loosen muscles. Additionally, the foot rest will move up and down and extend to stretch your knees and feet. During the stretch mode, users also enjoy the swing stretch function in which both the backrest and leg rest move up and down to provide total relief.

Full-Body Air Massage

Prepare to feel relief from head to toe with the full-body air bag massage of the JP Premieum 4S! To ensure total relaxation, there are airbags located in the shoulder region, arm rests, waist region, calf region, and foot rest.

The chair’s triple mode air system provides users with three airbag functions to choose from. “Hand Knead Mode” gives the feeling of a massage performed by a live therapist by keeping comfortable pressure and pulsing gently. “Pulse Mode” supports the promotion of blood circulation with a quicker, pulsating pattern. Finally, “Normal Mode” focuses the position of the massage by increasing the air supply and then releasing in a slower, longer pattern.

Shoulder Blade & Foot Heat

Another unique feature of the Osaki-JP Premium 4S is the heat modules in both its shoulder blade and foot regions. The heat in the upper back rest will prepare your shoulders for the massage, while the heat at the back of the feet and heel sections will soothe your feet after long days.

Advanced Touchscreen Remote

While the JP Premium 4S is advanced, its controls remain intuitive thanks to the user-friendly touchscreen remote control. The touch panel is in full color, easily readable with all of your options right in front of you. The remote also includes buttons to quickly recline the whole chair, or just the back or leg rest.

Regardless of what you want most from your massage, this Osaki massage chair will bring you the relief you need. With 14 auto programs and the ability to use the chair in manual mode, you’re sure to enjoy the perfect massage each time. Learn more about the Osaki-JP Premium 4S or call us with any questions at 800-700-1022 today!

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