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Apex Pro Regent 4D Massage Chair

Apex Pro Regent 4D Massage Chair

Reward yourself to a quality massage that truly feels like actual hands of a massage therapist with the all-new Apex Pro Regent! The 4D massage chair technology is capable of protruding up to 9 cm (3.5 inches), resulting in a deep tissue massage to loosen layers of muscles and soothe tension. The 4D technology allows you to adjust the depth, width, length, and rhythm of the massage rollers. This technology is unlike any other massage mechanism in the industry. There are 5 levels of intensity that can be modified by using the remote control.

Advanced Features of the Apex Pro Regent Massage Chair

Real Body Scanning

This is a must-have for any premium massage chair. This technology enables the chair to map out the body with accuracy and then apply a precise and customized massage based on that individual’s body type and key pressure points. For example the computer body scan will identify the location of the shoulder blades and work along the edge with precise accuracy. The life-like massage will amaze the even biggest skeptic.

Using optical sensors and state of the art computing technologies, the mechanism automatically reads the curves of your back detecting its length, shape and depth.

Sideways Kneading: The unique sideways kneading applies a luxurious massage designed to avoid the shoulder blades and only focus on the surrounding muscle tissue.

Upper Shoulder Pressure Massage: The rollers squeeze the neck and then role up and down the neck muscles, including the trapezius, where most of the shoulder tension originates.

Lower Back & Buttocks Massage: The interlocking action of the deep massage on the lower back and air massage on the buttocks holds your glutes firmly in place, while the roller heads press into the lower back muscles.

Pulse Air Massage System

The air pulse massage which compresses, holds, and release at high intervals promotes blood circulation and stimulates the muscle fibers and blood circulation.

31 Air Massage Bladders

There are a total of 31 air massage bladders throughout the chair. Don’t be fooled with high count airbag massage chairs which date the chair. The most recent premium massage chairs have reduced the airbag count mostly because the stability of the chair and less working parts. The air bag have become large and made with high quality commercial grade material and although the airbag count has dropped the coverage of massage surface has not been sacrificed, nor the effectiveness of the massage. This pulsating massage has 3 intensity levels.

Following Arm Massagers

In most conventional massage chairs, the arms will typically fall away from the arm massage when in the reclined position, resulting an in an incomplete massage experience. The Regent massage chair has incorporated a track to keep the distance from the arm massagers at a minimum when reclined, so that you can enjoy the arm massage while in a comfortable reclined position.

On-Demand Key Pad

Control is at your fingertips! You can now navigate key features without interrupting your massage. Flush mounted on both sides at the end of the arm massagers are push down buttons that allow you to control the music/volume (Right Side) and the recline angle and the massage head position (Left Side).

Adjustable Leg Extension

The foot rest can extend out an additional 6.25 inches to accommodate the taller user. Simply sit in the chair and be sure the buttock is firm press against the backrest and then gently press down on the foot portion which will then extend. The chair can handle a user up to 6’4″.

Fold Away Ottoman

The ottoman can be used as a multi-functional footrest. Tuck it in and us it as a traditional ottoman to rest your calves and when you desire a full calf and foot massage simply fold out.

MP3 Player

There are built in quality speakers located in the headrest area. Enjoy your favorite tunes while distressing in your personal massage escape.

Rhythmic Massage Feature

The Music massage course syncronizes the massage experience to your music choice. Whatever music you are playing, from classical, jazz to rock, the massage will follow the rhythm of the music.

Massage Courses & Techniques

With the push of a button, choose from 11 pre-programmed massage courses: refresh, relax, shiatsu, morning, night, stretch, energize, shoulder, lower back, quick, and music. 
Or customize your massage experience by choosing one of nine different massage techniques (kneading, tapping, rhythm tapping, kneading & tapping, shiatsu, rubbing, rolling, sideways kneading, up-down kneading) for a full body massage, or just focus on one specific area.

Memory Capability

There are 3 memory settings where you can save your favorite massage programs for future use. If you have a favorite combination of massage programs running at one time, you can now put it into memory without the hassle of programming it every time.

Deep-Spot Function

When a sore spot is reached, press the DEEP SPOT button and the massage heads will ext out further and apply a deeper massage to that particular area.

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