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Ogawa Active SuperTrac: Two Massage Chairs in One!

Ogawa Active SuperTrac: Two Massage Chairs in One!

Ogawa is a leader when it comes to massage chair innovation, and the Ogawa Active SuperTrac perfectly demonstrates their technological advances. How is this Ogawa Active like two massage chairs in one? It all comes down to its unique SuperTrac technology. Read on to learn more about how this feature works!

Ogawa SuperTrac Technology Explained

massage chair, Ogawa massage chair, ogawa active supertrac, ogawaThe Ogawa Active SuperTrac is basically an S-track and L-track massage chair all in one. When in the upright position, the chair massages from the neck down the back (the S-shaped portion of the track). Once the Active is in the reclined “bed” position, the track reaches all the way through the seat to thoroughly massage the glute muscles (the L-shaped portion of the track).

The Ogawa Active SuperTrac is the only chair to combine the traditional S-track massage for neck and back with the option of an L-track / glute massage chair, giving the user total control.

Uniq SuperTrac Massage Programs

Choose from three different programs to enjoy the perfect massage from your neck to your glutes.

massage chair, Ogawa massage chair, ogawa active supertrac, ogawa

Uniq 1

This massage program rejuvenates the body by using various massage methods like kneading and knocking, as the massage rollers utilize slow, stretching movements from the neck to the glutes. Simultaneously, soothing heat permeates and warms the body while gentle air compression massages from the shoulders to the feet. The Uniq 1 program will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Uniq 2

The Uniq 2 massage program invigorates the body with massage methods that are faster in speed and style, traveling from the neck to the glutes. A low back stretch is performed to decompress the spine. The air compression massage is slightly more intense to improve circulation. Finally, the vibration massage in the seat will top off this program, leaving you feeling energized.

Uniq Back

This setting provides a true full-body massage experience by focusing on each muscle group from the neck to the glutes. During the Uniq Back program, the Active uses deep tissue massage methods to lengthen every muscle and increase flexibility.

It’s easy to see why this massage chair is so popular and suitable for so many homes, as it can be adjusted to fit anyone’s needs! If you have any additional questions about the Active or any other Ogawa massage chair, contact one of the Massage Chair Store experts today at 800-700-1022.

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