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Testimonial of the Month: Infinity Iyashi Bliss

Testimonial of the Month: Infinity Iyashi Bliss

It’s that time again! We are loving the great feedback from customers, and have more to share. Recent customer, Harsukh, is truly enjoying his Infinity Iyashi massage chair. Check out what he has to say about this versatile, advanced chair below:

I bought Infinity Iyashi last month. I am using it and it is working excellent.
Every day I spend about 20 minutes on this massage chair. It has many option and features.
I would suggest anybody to go for this chair.

Thank you for sharing, Harsukh! Even a brief daily massage can seriously contribute to your overall well-being, so follow Harsukh’s lead and invest in your very own massage chair. By doing so, you’ll also be investing in your health!

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