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The Infinity Escape: Your Staycation

The Infinity Escape: Your Staycation

The Massage Chair Store recently introduced the all-new Infinity Escape: the answer to your staycation. While it may not be obvious from its amazingly affordable price point, the Escape includes high-end features like an L-track roller system, deep tissue massage, and powerful foot massagers. The Escape embodies the quality and innovation of Infinity Massage Chairs.

Affordable Relaxation in Your Own Home

As its name implies, the Infinity Escape will take you to your happy place—for the price of just $2,995 on This luxurious, full-body massage chair will make you feel like you’re on vacation even when you can’t take one, thanks to its top-of-the-line features!

New 47″ L-track Roller System

The Escape’s industry-leading L-shaped massage roller track provides even more coverage. At 47 inches long, this L-track will ease tension from your neck all the way through your gluteus muscles. That’s 35% more massage coverage than any other massage chair on the market today!

Deep Tissue Massage

Your spinal column contains many bundles of nerves, which is why it so easily holds tension that leads to pain and fatigue. The deep pressure of the Escape’s massage rollers effectively kneads that tension away from the cervical spine all the way through your lumbar region in long, continuous strokes.

Zero Gravity Wellness

A pillar of quality massage chairs in today’s market, zero gravity both relieves stress on the spine and increases circulation. The Infinity Escape’s massage is no different. It will place you in the zero gravity position to leave you feeling weightless, reduce your heart rate, and increase your overall well-being.

Powerful Foot Massagers

Did you know how much tension and fatigue is pent up in your feet? That’s why a quality foot massage is so beneficial—and why Infinity has engineered the Escape with 8 airbags and 6 rolling sole massagers in each foot unit. In additional to the foot rollers, the Escape’s advanced heel rubber will alleviate heel pain and plantar fascilitis.

Soothing Lumbar Heat

Your back muscles hold the majority of your stress, which is why the lumbar heating function of the Escape is so effective! The soothing heat will loosen your muscles and prepare them for your massage. Heat will gradually reduce pain and tightness, help improve your circulation, and restore the rigidity of your muscles.

The Escape’s Bells & Whistles

Counteract the effects of bad posture and long days of sitting with the spinal correction of the Escape. An advanced upper-body airbag system grips your shoulders, while the lower portion of the chair grips and stretches your lower body. At the same time, the massage rollers move up and down the spine while the shiatsu swivel seat swings the hip from side to side. This multi-functional system aligns your spine to its natural posture.

Additionally, there are chromotherapy lights located on each side of the Escape. Chromotherapy is the use of light in the form of color to balance “energy” that is lacking from your body. This could be on a physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental level.

The Infinity Escape is the whole package, so we understand if you can’t pass it up! Call us today at 800-700-1022 to learn more about this versatile chair, or with any other questions.

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