Massage Chair Delivery Lead Times

Because of the products Massage Chair Store offers, as well as the large selection of brands we carry, we cannot accurately state a general shipment time for all of our customers. Made-to-order items take longer to arrive than those which are pre-manufactured and already prepared to ship. All products we carry list a “Usually Ships In” timeframe, and we highly recommend that our customers check the average shipment time on the products that interest them, as shipment time can range from two days to eight weeks, depending on the product in question. Bear in mind that this timeframe does not include the actual shipping time, which varies depending on the item, the weight and shipping location.

To estimate your delivery time, there will be a link in your shipping confirmation email to track your shipment. All items weighing over 150 lbs usually requires the carrier to contact you to schedule a delivery time, therefore providing you with advance notice of delivery.