A person is relaxing in a high-end, black massage chair with a logo on the headrest, reclined in a zero-gravity position for optimal comfort. The design of the chair envelops the user's body, suggesting a deep, therapeutic massage experience.
What is Inversion Massage Technology?

Inversion massage chairs recline back below a horizontal level, to about 180 degrees. This technique puts your body upside down, with your head down and your heels up.

Inversion therapy is believed to reverse the effects of gravity on the body and decompress the spine, which can bring relief to some people with back pain.


Benefits of Inversion Massage Chairs

Massage chairs offer numerous
physical and mental health benefits, including:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase in productivity and alertness
  • Lower levels of anxiety and stress
  • Lower pain intensity and tension levels

Alt text: "An ergonomic black massage chair is in a reclined position against a white background. The chair's contoured design and plush armrests suggest comfort and relaxation. There are no visible brand markings, focusing solely on the chair's design and features.

When combined with a massage chair, the benefits of inversion therapy are even greater.
Medical News Today reports the following as potential benefits of inversion:

Improve Spinal health
Reduce chronic back pain
Lower the likelihood of surgery for pain relief

Inversion vs. Zero Gravity Massage Technology

There’s often some confusion between inversion and zero gravity massage chairs. While many models offer both inversion and zero gravity settings, the technologies are quite distinct.

Inversion massage chairs are designed to recline deeper than zero gravity massage chairs — at about a 180 degree inversion. With these massage chairs, your spine is elongated, your head is below a horizontal level and your feet are comfortably lifted above your heart, creating the perfect experience for a decompression stretch.

Zero gravity massage chairs recline to a position where your back and thighs are leveled, and your body weight is evenly distributed. The recline goes to about 30 degrees. Zero gravity takes pressure off of your joints and allows your body to experience the full benefits of a massage.

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