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Why Does My Massage Chair Need Speakers?

Imagine holding the key to your own world of deep relaxation right in the palm of your hand.

Many massage chairs come with immersive speakers located on either side of the headrest. These can connect to a phone or other Bluetooth device, allowing you to stream music or listen to guided meditations, ambient soundscapes and any other form of audio to enhance the head-to-toe experience of your massage.

Benefits of Sound Therapy

Music has been shown to have positive effects on our mental and emotional state. Quiet, ambient sounds are the best aural accompaniment to a massage.

When paired with the physical and mental benefits of massage, sound therapy can:

Reduce Anxiety:
When you listen to soothing sounds, your pulse slows and your breathing deepens.
Promote Focus:
By giving your brain something to focus on while you recharge, you can enhance your productivity post-massage.
Improve Your Mood:
Your body releases serotonin and oxytocin when you hear music you like. These two chemicals act as mood stabilizers and natural antidotes to stress.

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