What Is a Full Body Massage Chair?

When you need maximum relaxation and all-over massage treatment, look for a massage chair that is designed to provide massage therapy to the entire body.

Rather than just providing targeted massage to a specific area of the body, full body massage chairs are designed to work all of your major muscle areas.

In addition to the massage rollers that apply pressure to the upper, lower and mid back, full body massage chairs include rollers for the neck and shoulders, air bags to relax the legs, arms and hands and reflexology for the feet.

High-end full body massage chairs also have beneficial features that can mimic a full spa experience, including heat therapy, chromatherapy, zero gravity recline, air ionizers and more.

The Benefits of a Full Body Massage

With numerous features and cutting-edge technology, the benefits of massage chairs are undeniable.

Reduces Stress
Decreases Anxiety
Increases Range of Motion
Lowers Blood Pressure
Relaxes Stiff Muscles
Increases Flexibility
Aids in Exercise Recovery
Helps Alleviate Pain
Decompresses the Spine

Thanks to their design, full body massage chairs provide the widest possible range of benefits for your body, from your neck and shoulders down to the soles of your feet.

  • Relieves neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Provides therapy to entire back
  • Massages the glutes and hips
  • Kneads the arms and hands
  • Lowers tension in calves and feet

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