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The 13 Best Recliners for 2024

Black leather-upholstered massage chair in a room with white walls, hardwood floors and assorted plants.

Whether unwinding at the end of a long work day, curling up with a good book or settling in with a bowl of popcorn to stream your favorite movie, there’s nothing quite like relaxing in a soft, plush recliner. And with so many different designs and styles available, you’re sure to find a piece that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is comfortable.

Looking for a recliner that’s the perfect fit for your home’s décor? Check out our list of the best recliners on the market today, including special features, material options, brand warranties and more.

What to Look for in a Recliner

There are a dizzying number of recliner options on the market today, so to help refine your search, let’s review some basics. Some things to consider when determining which recliner is right for you

  • Style: From the traditional recliner, which recline with the pull of a lever, to the power recliner, which reclines at the touch of a button, there are many styles of recliners from which to choose. Other popular models include:
    • Rocker: Ideal for new parents looking for a soft place to rest as they rock their infants to sleep, this type of recliner feature arched tracks that enable them to gently rock back and forth.
    • Swivel: Set on a round metal base that enables the sitter to rotate in any direction, swivel rockers are a great option in spaces with multiple focal points, making them perfect for entertaining.
    • Gaming: Intended for marathon gaming sessions, gaming recliners are ergonomically designed to promote good posture and alleviate tension within the sitter’s neck and back.
    • Multi-Person: As their name implies, multi-person recliners are designed to comfortably sit two or more people at a time, either directly side-by-side or with a padded armrest in between.
    • Orthopedic: Similar to a gaming recliner, orthopedic recliners promote good posture and offer added support for the head, back and legs for maximum comfort.
    • Massage: Using state-of-the-art massage technology, as well innovative features like mood lighting and built-in Bluetooth speakers, massage chair-style recliners off the experience of a full-body massage, all from the comfort of your home.
  • Design: Whether you prefer a classic silhouette or something sleek and more modern, the perfect recliner is out there, waiting for you. From contemporary and industrial to bohemian and shabby chic, recliners come in a wide variety of design styles, making them a seamless addition to any space.
  • Upholstery: Many furniture manufacturers offer a vast array of textiles and colors, enabling you to customize your recliner to your exact taste. Popular upholstery options include:
    • Natural Leather: Genuine leather, bonded leather
    • Synthetic Leather: Faux leather, vinyl
    • Natural Fabrics: Cotton, linen, wool
    • Synthetic Fabrics: Microfiber, polyester, acrylic

When selecting upholstery for your recliner, consider your lifestyle and personal taste: Have kids and pets that are prone to leaving behind messes? Microfiber is easy to clean and usually stain-resistant. Want a recliner that looks classic and will wear well over time? Leather is the most durable material, able to withstand significant wear and tear. Want the best of both worlds? Synthetic leather seamlessly replicates the look of natural leather but is easy to clean using a damp cloth.

For added protection — or if you decide you want to change things up — many recliner models also come with slipcover options.

  • Materials: Beyond upholstery, it’s important to consider the materials used in the construction of your recliner. Recliners with frames made of hardwood or plywood and held together with glue and industrial staples are generally sturdier and more durable than those built with chip wood that use staples alone. Although rubber webbing and steel springs have long been popular support options, a growing number of furniture manufacturers are using memory foam because of its ability to conform to the sitter’s body, adding extra comfort and support.
  • Size: Recliners have earned a reputation for taking up quite a bit of real estate, but many manufacturers also offer space-saving models for smaller rooms. To avoid any unnecessary headaches, make sure that the room you have in mind has adequate space to accommodate the recliner in both its upright and fully reclined positions before you buy.
  • Features: For those looking to upgrade, many recliner models come with special features, such as cupholders, side pockets, tray tables, heating pads, built-in USB chargers, LED lights and more.

The 13 Best Recliners for 2024

Now that we’re up to speed on key considerations when choosing a recliner, let’s take a look at our top picks for 2024, grouped by category

The Most Comfortable Recliners

Recliner with plush, pillow-top cushions and brown chenille upholstery in upright position in a living room setting.

1. Weissman Casual Pillow-Padded Glider Recliner

Plush, oversized and oh-so-comfortable, the Weissman Upholstered Glider Recliner is the quintessential recliner. The Weissman’s overstuffed cushions and thick, padded armrests make it the perfect place to curl up, while its smooth gliding motion is gentle enough to lull sitters to sleep.

Manufacturer: Coaster Furniture

Price: Price varies by seller; $300–$700


  • Glider recliner
  • Cool gel memory foam topper
  • Water-resistant, stain-resistant upholstery
  • Traditional recliner mechanism

Colors: Brown (pictured), charcoal

Upholstery Options: Performance textured fleece

Dimensions: 42” W x 41” D x 40” H

Seat Depth: 22”

Seat Height: 20”

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Partially reclined recliner with brown faux leather upholstery next to a side table, on top of an off-white rug.

2. Yandel Power Lift Recliner

Widely regarded as one of the most comfortable recliners on the market today — with the reviews to prove it — the Yandel’s one-touch power button enables you to recline and adjust your position for maximum comfort. The Yandel also features a unique power lift functionality that makes it easy to get in and out of a seated position, making it an excellent option for buyers with limited mobility.

Manufacturer: Ashley Furniture

Price: $799.99


  • One-touch power button
  • Independent dual motors for footrest and back
  • Adjustable positions, including nearly horizontal
  • Power cord included
  • Emergency battery backup
  • Side pocket storage

Colors: Saddle (pictured), black

Upholstery Options: Faux leather

Dimensions: 35” W x 40” D x 44” H

Seat Depth: 21”

Seat Height: 20”

Warranty: 5-year furniture protection plan

Recliner with brown polyester blend upholstery in upright position in front of large windows.

3. Fitzmaurice Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner

Sink into comfort with the Fitzmaurice Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner. With a recline angle of up to 180 degrees and infinite positions, the Fitzmaurice is highly adjustable, and its sturdy foam cushions offer both comfort and support. Like the Yandel, the Fitzmaurice also includes power lift functionality, so you can effortlessly transition from a seated to a standing position.

Manufacturer: Red Barrel Studio

Price: $719.99


  •  Remote-controlled power recliner
  • 180-degree recline angle
  • Power lifting mechanism
  • Foam cushions
  • Side pocket storage

Colors: Brown (pictured), light brown

Upholstery Options: Polyester blend

Dimensions: 41” W x 35” D x 42.5” H

Seat Depth: 21”

Seat Height: 19.7”

Warranty: 1-year parts warranty

The Best Recliners for Back Pain

Partially reclined recliner with black leather upholstery in a room with white brick walls and colorful pastel rug.

4. Homall Single Recliner Chair

The Homall’s high-density sponge padding is designed to conform to the sitter’s body, and its extra-wide headrest and double-thick footrest offer extra support, making this recliner a great choice for individuals with back pain. Although it isn’t the most stylish option on the list, the Homall’s simple, contemporary design and range of color options make it highly versatile. The best part, though? The Homall is one of the most affordable recliners on the market today, with certain models running under $150.

Manufacturer: Homall Direct

Price: $123.99–$269.99


  • Waterproof faux leather upholstery
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Push-back reclining
  • Double-thick footrest with extra padding
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Non-marking foot pads for floor protection

Colors: Black (pictured), brown, grey, light beige

Upholstery Options: Faux leather

Dimensions: 27” W x 22.1” D x 27.9”

Seat Depth: n/a

Seat Height: 17.7”

Warranty: Lifetime exchange warranty

Black leather-upholstered massage chair in a room with white walls, hardwood floors and assorted plants.

5. Kyota M673 Kenko 3D Massage Chair

If you’re looking for the ideal recliner to alleviate backpain, the M673 is tough to beat. It’s True Zero Gravity technology elevates the sitter’s calves above their heart, relieving pressure from the spine. Its accu-shoulder compression helps soothe sore muscles for upper body rejuvenation, while lumbar heat therapy releases tension in the lower back muscles, maximizing the M673’s advanced 3D massage nodes. Additional features, such as the M673’s built-in Bluetooth speakers and reflexology foot rollers, help create a restful atmosphere, and its slide forward space-saving technology make it the perfect fit for any space.

Manufacturer: Kyota

Price: $5,999


  • Remote-controlled power recliner
  • 3D/4D massage technology
  • Full-body scanning
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • True Zero Gravity recline
  • Lumbar heat therapy
  • Accu-shoulder compression
  • Slide forward space-saving technology
  • Reflexology foot rollers

Colors: Black (pictured), brown

Upholstery Options: Synthetic leather

Dimensions: 63” W x 29” L x 48.5” H (Upright); 29” W x 72” L x 38” H (Reclined)

Seat Depth: n/a

Seat Height: n/a

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

The Most Stylish Recliners

Recliner with light brown vertically striped upholstery and brown wooden legs in upright position in a room with light blue walls, beige woven rug and assorted plants.

6.  Raleigh High Leg Reclining Chair

La-Z-Boy is known for its stylish and deceptively comfortable furniture, and the Raleigh recliner is certainly no exception. With rounded arms, a tall back and deep cushions, the Raleigh is exceptionally comfortable, and its classic silhouette and wood legs make it an eye-catching addition to any living room, home office or library. What really earns the Raleigh style points, though, is its customization options — with literally hundreds of colors and patterns across a wide array of upholstery materials, it’s easy to tailor this recliner to your exact taste.

Manufacturer: La-Z-Boy

Price: Starts at $759; price varies by upholstery material, color and pattern


  • Push-back recliner
  • Hundreds of upholstery materials, colors and patterns to choose from
  • Double-picked premium fiber fill
  • ComfortCore© and airform seat cushions
  • Engineered wood frame with steel supports

Colors: Red and orange, brown, blue and teal, cream and white, grey, green, tan, black, gold, aqua, blue, rust, oyster

Patterns: Solids, secondary, accents, novelty, classics, florals, modern, plaids and stripes, geometrics

Upholstery Options: Fabric, performance, iClean, pet-friendly, conserve, renew

Dimensions: 33” W x 35” D x 38.5” H

Seat Depth: 22”

Seat Height: 19.5”

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

Recliner with ivory fabric upholstery, tufted back and nailhead accents in upright position. A pale pink blanket is draped over the arm of the recliner, and it sits in a room with gray walls and ocean blue carpeting.

7. Lansing Tufted Upholstered Recliner with Nailheads

With its elegant design and tasteful finishes — which include English roll arms, button-tufted back and nailhead accents — you might not immediately recognize that the Lansing is a recliner. And yet, this Pottery Barn original features a manual reclining mechanism, offering you total relaxation without ever having to compromise on style. The Lansing’s plush, down-blend-wrapped cushions, broad, ample back and no-sag steel sinuous springs provide added comfort and support, making this a cozy yet elegant option for your home.

Manufacturer: Pottery Barn

Price: $1,549–$1,999


  • Manual recliner
  • Nailhead accents
  • Down-blend-wrapped cushions
  • Corner-blocked frame with mortise-and-tenon joinery for structural integrity
  • No-sag steel sinuous springs cushion support
  • Adjustable levers for stability on uneven floors

Colors: Ivory (pictured), white, gray, blue, silver, brown, neutral

Upholstery Options: Basketweave, velvet, crossweave, tweed, weave

Dimensions: 39.5” W x 41.5” D x 40.5” H (Upright); 41.5” W x 69” D x 39.6” H (Reclined)

Seat Depth: 37.5” (diagonal)

Seat Height: 20.5”

Warranty: n/a

Mid-century modern-style recliner with dark gray woven upholstery and wood arms in a room with white brick walls and an aqua-colored rug.

8. Spencer Wood-Framed Upholstered Recliner

If you’re in the market for a recliner that’s a little bit retro without looking dated, the Spencer could be the right option for you. Its mid-century modern silhouette, which features clean lines and warm wood accents, make it a striking addition to any space, and its deep seat with foam cushions offers hours of relaxation. With dozens of upholstery colors and materials from which to choose, including performance fabric options, the Spencer is highly customizable and can seamlessly blend in with any décor style, from minimalistic to full-on glam.

Manufacturer: West Elm

Price: $1,099–$1,249


  • Push-back recliner
  • Three levels of recline
  • Solid ash base with walnut finish
  • Foam cushions for comfort and support
  • Dozens of upholstery material and color option to choose from

Colors: Gray, black, blue, yellow, green, white, natural, orange, red, pink

Upholstery Options: Plain weave, textured weave, velvet

Dimensions: 29” W x 37.5” D x 40.5” H; depth is 65.6” when fully reclined

Seat Depth: 23.25”

Seat Height: 18”

Warranty: n/a

The Best Massage Recliners

Massage chair with black outer shell and black leather-upholstered seat in front of a white background.

9. Sharper Image Relieve 3D

The Relieve 3D is a premium massage chair that uses state-of-the-art three-dimensional massage technology to replicate the experience of getting a full-body massage from a professional masseuse. Like the M673, the Relieve 3D massage chair features True Zero Gravity technology, providing a sense of weightlessness. And with five levels of massage intensity and several auto massage programs from which to choose — as well as the ability to create your own custom program — the Relieve 3D reduces muscle pain, improves circulation and alleviates tension.

Manufacturer: Sharper Image

Price: $6,499


  • Remote controlled power recliner
  • True Zero Gravity recline
  • App-enabled controls
  • Body scanning technology
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Lumbar and calf heat therapy
  • Shiatsu reflexology foot rollers
  • Quick access panel
  • Zero Wall space-saving technology

Colors: Black (pictured)

Upholstery Options: Synthetic leather

Dimensions: 32” W x 57” L x 51” H

Seat Depth: n/a

Seat Height: n/a

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

Massage chair with grey outer shell and black leather-upholstered seat in front of a white background.

10. Infinity Genesis Max 4D

As far as recliners go, the Genesis may just be one of the most comfortable on the market today. The Genesis’s True Zero Gravity recline suspends you in a state of bliss, while its 4D massage and body scanning technologies provide a head-to-toe massage experience attuned to your body’s therapeutic needs. If that weren’t enough, the Genesis’s Bluetooth speakers — which include a built-in sleep and nature sounds menu — and gentle rocking motion make it easy to settle in and drift off into a state of total relaxation.

Manufacturer: Infinity

Price: $9,999


  • Remote controlled power recliner
  • App-enabled controls
  • True Zero Gravity recline
  • 3D/4D massage technology
  • USB charging station
  • Body scanning technology
  • Lumbar heat therapy
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Rocking functionality
  • Built-in sleep and nature sounds menu

Colors: Gray/black (pictured), gray/dark brown, brown/tan

Upholstery Options: Synthetic leather

Dimensions: 35” W x 66” L x 48” H (Upright); 35” W x 80” L x 36” H (Reclined)

Seat Depth: n/a

Seat Height: n/a

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

uturistic-looking black leather-upholstered massage chair with bright blue accents in front of a white background.

11. Kyota M898 Yutaka 4D Massage Chair

With innovative features such as 4D massage technology that mimics a true deep tissue massage and a state-of-the-art intelligent voice control system, Kyota’s brand new M898 massage chair is easily one of the most advanced massage recliners to ever hit the market. The M898’s kneading calf rollers with oscillating movement and compression air cells, total sole reflexology and decompression stretch soothe muscles and eliminate tension throughout the body. Its 49” L-track and body scanning technology ensure that massage rollers hit all of your body’s unique pressure points for a full spa-quality massage. Built-in Bluetooth speakers, an integrated air ionizer and LED mood lighting enhance the spa-like experience, while the M898’s True Zero Gravity recline suspends you in weightlessness, allowing for full-body rejuvenation.

Manufacturer: Kyota

Price: $9,999


  • Intelligent voice command and control
  • 4D massage technology
  • True Zero Gravity recline
  • Back scanning technology
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Chromotherapy programs
  • Lumbar heat therapy
  • Wireless charging pad
  • USB charging station
  • Integrated air ionizer

Colors: Black (pictured), brown

Upholstery Options: Synthetic leather

Dimensions: 35” W x 66” L x 48” H (Upright); 35” W x 80” L x 35” H (Reclined)

Seat Depth: n/a

Seat Height: n/a

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

The Best Multi-Person Recliners

12. Serenity Top Grain Leather 7000

Bring the excitement of the movies home with the Serenity! Modeled after commercial movie theater-style seating, these power recliners are perfect for any media room or home theater. Beyond aesthetics, the Serenity’s plush, high-density foam cushions and soft leather upholstery will make you want to sink in for hours. Cuddle up with someone special in a two-person loveseat configuration or get a row of six and invite the whole gang over for your next movie night — with over 15 different configurations to choose from, your options are endless.

Manufacturer: Seatcraft

Price: Starting at $699 per seat


  •  Power recline functionality
  • Loveseat and sofa configurations available
  • USB charging port
  • Hidden in-arm storage
  • Detachable swivel tray table
  • LED lighted cupholders
  • LED ambient baselighting
  • Additional optional accessories and upgrades

Colors: Red (pictured), black, brown, cream

Upholstery Options: Leather

Dimensions: Varies by row configuration; standard row of two is 69” W x 39.5” D x 42.5” H

Seat Depth: 39.5”

Seat Height: 43.5”

Warranty: 5-year Accident Protection Plan available at additional cost

Row of three movie theater-style recliners upholstered in red leather in front of a white background.

13. Rowan Reclining Loveseat

Whether you’re watching the game or catching up on your favorite TV show, the Rowan is the perfect spot to kick back and relax. With sculpted-bucket style seats and flared arms to maximize seating area, the Rowan provides ample space to get comfortable. Its center console features a hidden storage compartment — perfect for tucking away remotes and other clutter — and cup holders, so you can stay refreshed. Best of all, both of the Rowan’s seats operate independently, so you rock while a friend reclines, and vice versa.

Manufacturer: La-Z-Boy

Price: Starts at $2,037; price varies by upholstery material, color and pattern


  • Choice of power recline or manual controls
  • Two-person and rocker recliner, all in one
  • Both sides can recline and rock independently
  • Center console with hidden storage and two cupholders
  • Sculpted bucket seats for maximum comfort
  • Hundreds of upholstery materials, colors and patterns to choose from
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Additional options and upgrades available

Colors: Red and orange, brown, blue and teal, cream and white, grey, green, tan, black, gold, aqua, blue, rust, oyster

Patterns: Solids, secondary, accents, novelty, classics, florals, modern, plaids and stripes, geometrics

Upholstery Options: Fabric, performance, iClean, pet-friendly, conserve, renew

Dimensions: n/a

Seat Depth: n/a

Seat Height: n/a

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much should I spend on a recliner?

A: That depends entirely on your budget. The cost of a recliner really runs the gamut, from value models as low as $150 to luxury options in the $10,000 range.

While a less expensive recliner might seem like the best choice, it’s important to keep in mind that low-cost options typically come with concessions in terms of durability and available features. When exploring different recliner options, be sure to look into financing options, as these could make your purchase more affordable.

Q: What material recliner should I buy?

A: There’s no right or wrong answer to this question — it really depends on your lifestyle and the look you’re going for. For example, if you have kids or pets who are more likely to leave spills and messes, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics such as microfiber are probably a better option than luxury materials. If stains aren’t a concern, rich fabrics such as velvet can add color and texture to a space, while natural leather can add warmth and Old World charm. Or, if you want all of the above, consider a recliner made from synthetic leather, which looks every bit as luxurious as natural leather but can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth.

Q: What company should I buy a recliner from?

A: Before purchasing a recliner, be sure to look into the brand that manufactures it. Do they work with high-quality materials? Do they offer a warranty? Are their products well-reviewed? Do their customers have positive things to say about the customer service experience?

It might sound like busywork, but doing your due diligence can help ensure that you shop with a company that’s as dependable as its recliners are comfortable and stylish.

Q: Should I get a recliner or a massage chair?

A: Why not both? There are numerous models on the market today that combine all of the comfort of a traditional recliner with the advanced technology of a massage chair.

If you’d like to learn more about the different massage chair recliners available to you, we recommend that you talk to one of the specialists at Massage Chair Store today.


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