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How to Move Your Massage Chair

How to Move Your Massage Chair

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is regarding the safe movement of massage chairs. Perhaps you’ve done some remodeling, or you simply need to move your chair for the sake of convenience. If someone else originally installed your massage chair, you may need a refresher on the easiest and safest way to move it. Grab a buddy and follow these few steps:

  1. Disconnect the air hose and electrical connection from the footrest.
  2. Remove the legrest according to the instructions for your chair model.
  3. While standing behind the chair, tilt it by pulling the backrest until the chair is lifted onto the wheels located at the base. We recommend having someone assist you by lifting the front of the chair as you pull back on the backrest for leverage.
  4. Once your massage chair is tilted back on its rear wheels, you can easily roll it to its new location.

Prior to moving your chair, be sure any doorways and entryways are wide enough for safe access. And of course, please be cautious when tilting the chair back so as not to strain yourself.

Please note that these massage chair moving instructions apply to most chairs; however, some models may vary in construction. Contact your manufacturer with questions regarding moving your specific model. As always, reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns at 800-700-1022!

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