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3 Lifestyle Habits That Affect Women’s Legs’ Health

3 Lifestyle Habits That Affect Women’s Legs’ Health

1.) Housewife

Varicose Veins: As a housewife the high demand of labor around the house can do a number on your legs. From standing for long periods of time and bending to pick things and from cleaning, these movements assist in the formation of varicose veins. If you do not tend to these, they become lumpy black or blue swollen veins on your legs. Varicose veins put you at risk for blood clots, ulcers and other related health hazards.

2.) Office Lady

Poor Blood Circulation: When your job requires you to sit at a desk for lengthy periods of time in a day, your blood is unable to circulate at its’ usual rate. From the lack of movement and desk-bound nature of the job, the slowed circulation, causes feet to swell, especially at the ankles due to fluid retention in the tissues.

3.) Active Woman

Strained Muscle: From all the sudden muscle pressure that takes place during sports, your muscles can damage themselves in the form of tearing at the fibers. Due to the plethora of muscles in one’s leg, there is many ways one or more can become vulnerable to different types of muscles strains. The most common being calf and hamstring strains.

To avoid such harmful affects everyday life can bring, one must tend to leg muscles regularly to avoid severe damages to ones health. Massage is a proven method of aiding in the relief of these muscles. We recommend a massage chair that incorporates a foot & calf ottoman with airbags and reflexology. For a massage chair program we recommend any extend/stretch program which will alleviate  pressure and give your body decompression stretches while relieving the muscles in the legs. For a close up video of this program in one of our chairs, watch the video below.

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