Jim Coppins Chief Operating Officer

As Partner and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Infinity Massage Chairs, Jim Coppins has been responsible for overseeing strategic planning, new business development, supply chain logistics, product development, team management, sales/marketing and more for over 18 years.

Today, Jim is focused on the continual development of the sales and operations for Infinity Massage Chairs and the Massage Chair Store. As the company’s official “Chief Fixer of Problems,” Jim is responsible for anything and everything that the management team needs addressed. His drive for growth and innovation is second only to his continued emphasis on building a customer-first mindset within the culture and the people at Infinity Massage Chairs.

Jim’s experience comes from almost two decades of working within all areas of the massage chair industry. His determination to truly make a difference for people’s health and wellness has made him intimately familiar with the quality, capabilities and benefits of premium massage chairs and other wellness products. He has cultivated an eye for recognizing industry trends, innovation in products and new market opportunities. Jim’s management skills and industry knowledge has positioned Infinity as a leader within the health and wellness industry.

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