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5 Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore

5 Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore

Most of the time we go through our day to day routines pushing through no matter what our bodies are telling us. These aches and pains may seem solvable with the pop of an aspirin or two, but could actually be signs of a much bigger problem. Here are 5 pains you shouldn’t ignore.

Massage Chair Therapy

1.) Severe Back Pain

An pain that can’t be relieved by heat, rest, painkillers of a massage can be a sign of an aneurysm. A less threatening possibility could be a kidney stone, yet still very painful. 

2.) Persistent Foot or Shin Pain

A pain on top of your foot or front of your shin that’s worse when you exercise, but present at rest and pain medication and reflexology massage don’t help could mean a possible stress fracture

3.) Leg Pain with Swelling

Specifically, one of your calves is killing you. It’s swollen and tender to the touch and may even feel warm. This potentially means a blood clot. Do not use your massage chair if you feel this pain because rubbing the area could make it worse and move the blood clot to an even more dangerous area in the body. 

4.) Thunderclap Headaches

While headaches often appear out of nowhere and soon pass, but if this sudden occurrence resumes it could be a sign of a stoke and no massage chair can keep that from happening

5.) Persistent Joint Pain

Typically this may mean osteoarthritis. The stiffening and swelling of the joints may also be caused by lupus or hepatitis! 

All of us have experience with random, mysterious and sometimes lingering pains at some point in our lives and most of us shrug it off and the pain usually leaves the same way it arrived with no explanation. Massage is an amazing therapeutic and medical power to cure many of these pains, however take note of these pain symptoms that could need much more than a massage fix.

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