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5 Signs You Need a Massage Chair

5 Signs You Need a Massage Chair

1.) You haven’t had a massage in months (or even years!): Most massage experts would recommend massage at least one time a month, sometimes even more if their is a lot of stress on the body on a regular basis. Massage also works best when it is received on a regular basis.

2.) You have a pain in your back, neck, shoulder, hip, foot..etc: With painful feelings, this  is your body telling you something is wrong. Don’t ignore it! Your body is telling you it needs tending to. With a massage your body can restore itself back to a healthier state, overall improving your well-being.

3.) You are restless & cannot sleep: Massage helps the body relax and de-stress, therefore aiding in healthy sleep habits. With massage you are able to sleep more soundly, fall asleep faster and promote relaxation more frequently.

4.) You are stressed out!: Massage decreases levels of stress hormones and increases levels of endorphins. This immediately helps you unwind and relax relieving your muscles of tension and pain.

5.) You frequently have headaches (even migraines): Massage helps the nervous system ease itself into a mode of relaxation. Massage counteracts on compressive stress and helps relieve tension throughout the body which in turn will aide in the disappearance of headaches.

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