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Discover a New Perspective on Massage Chairs

Discover a New Perspective on Massage Chairs

Your body is taking a substantially hard beating during the winter. Help it with a massage chair. 

Getting a massage to many is considered a leisure activity, yet to others it is a means of getting through the day. Athletes and those who endure a rigorous lifestyle daily find a massage the only way to be ready for tomorrow. Regardless, there are a plethora of benefits to getting a massage that many do not consider.

As the winter continues on and your muscles are tensing up as their natural response to the cold, the benefits below will give you even more of a reason to purchase a massage chair.

1.) Massage Eases Anxiety

In the winter, just getting to work in the uncontrollable weather can be stressful. Fear not because massage has shown to lower levels or cortisol, a stress hormone by 50%. Not only does winter bring the bitter cold, but the bitterness out in people resulting in stressful atmospheres everywhere you go! Suppressing cortisol release through massage is a fantastic way to calm nerves and breathe easy during stressful times.

2.) Massage Boosts the Immune System

Apparently massage increases the amount of killer T cells in the body, which are shown to fight viruses and tumors. According to USA Today a recent study on premature babies showed that those who recieved massage therapy showed a weight gain faster due to more killer T cells hard at work. Studies have also shown that massage has enhanced immunity in breast cancer patients.

 3.) Massage Eases Hypertension

Chronic Hypertension, or high blood pressure leads to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Many studies have shown that those who receive massages have lower blood pressure and stress producing hormones. 

Next time you are feeling stressed and fatigued, consider purchasing a massage chair that will change your everyday life drastically as well as become a huge step for your health as well. 

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