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Massage Chair Relief: Ease Your Headaches

Massage Chair Relief: Ease Your Headaches

Did you know that massage therapy is good not only for the obvious relaxation, but also for various health reasons? In our massage chair relief blog series, we’ll be discussing the many health benefits that can come from getting regular massages.

First on the list: chronic headaches! Do you find that you suffer from frequent tension headaches or migraines? A luxury massage chair might do your body a great deal of good!

Massage the Pain Away

According to the National Headache Foundation, more than 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, recurring headaches, 28 million of whom suffer from migraines. Tension headaches and migraines, two of the most common types of headaches, can be alleviated by massage therapy. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) believes that massage therapy can be effective especially for those who suffer from tension headaches.

  • Tension Headaches: The most common type of headaches among adults and adolescents, tension headaches are muscle contraction headaches that cause mild to moderate pain and come and go over a prolonged period of time. These can be caused by muscle spasms, trigger points, TMJ dysfunction, neck alignment, stress, hormonal/chemical changes, dehydration, and stress/anxiety. Tension headaches typically do not include sensitivities to things like light and sound or nausea.
  • Migraines: Ah, the mystery of the migraine. The exact causes of migraines are unknown, but genetics are a factor and some forms of migraines are associated with inherited abnormalities in certain parts of the brain. They range from moderate to severe pain, last anywhere from four hours to three days, and usually occur one to four times per month. Unlike tension headaches, migraines are associated with symptoms like sensitivity to light, noise, or odors; nausea or vomiting; loss of appetite; and upset stomach or abdominal pain.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, chances are you’ve tried the many over-the-counter or prescription medications, which tend to be a temporary relief. You will enjoy a more effective and longer-lasting headache solution in massage therapy. Massage therapy also helps prevent headaches from occurring.

How Does Massage Therapy Decrease Headaches?

  • Increases circulation in areas that may be ischemic (lacking blood flow)
  • Decreases pain from trigger points
  • Relieves muscle spasms and tension
  • Assists with hormone regulation

The Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology states that massage is “resoundingly indicated” for common tension-type headaches. By hitting trigger points like the your neck and shoulders, massage therapy lessens tension throughout your body that lead to these headaches.

With a luxury massage chair from the Massage Chair Store, you can enjoy relief from your headaches every day from the comfort of your home. Never worry about making appointments with massage therapists that have to disrupt your schedule. Browse’s extensive inventory of top-of-the-line massage chairs and be on your way to relieving your headaches today!

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