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Testimonial of the Month: Too Good Not to Share!

Testimonial of the Month: Too Good Not to Share!

Here at the Massage Chair Store, there’s nothing we value more than feedback from our customers. That’s why we will be putting a testimonial in the spotlight every month! The first comes from our recent customer Steve, who had some extremely kind words to share. Read about his experience below to find out how his massage chair has brought him a great deal of pain relief!


Fibromyalgia relief in 20 minutes every time! That’s right, I’m an older man, now 60, on disability, and for years I have relied on several drugs to keep my suffering under control—poorly, I must say. I USED to suffer from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, restless legs, and poor circulation every day.

Then, I met Tyler and the crew at They are my new best friends, and they can help you, too! I was reading on my smartphone a few months back and up pops this
little message, “Get a massage chair, easy financing, 0% interest, live chat now.” I thought “What? Yeah right!” So I entered the chat and there was Tyler, and guys, he’s awesome. He found a chair exactly to meet my needs. They have so many chairs to choose from that they can help you, too.

A real massage chair will have several settings, with adjustable rollers and up to 100 air bags that have several pressure settings as well. These features will perform the myofascial release therapy beneath your skin and destroy your fibromyalgia pain every time. Really, I promise, but you need to use your chair every day to maintain your quality of life—and without the side effects of memory loss and the rest of the negative damaging side effects of drugs, too. I finally sleep better now, and the circulatory treatments on my arms repaired my numbness and pain in my hands so that I no longer needed my carpal tunnel surgery, so I canceled it. Because I can now use my chair for circulatory treatments on my arms and legs, I was also able to cancel my physical therapy for my legs.

My new friends, Tyler and the Massage Chair Store crew, are wonderful. My chair was exactly what Tyler promised without exaggeration, and it arrived in half the time he thought it might. It was packaged very well and I was able to assemble it myself in about 30 minutes. Friends, I was treated so good by the Massage Chair Store, and they helped me like no one else could. That’s why I am trying to share this wonderful opportunity with everyone I can as fast as I can, so please contact them right now. You will be so glad you did! -Steve P. Puyear

Thank you, Steve, for sharing your story and praise for Tyler and our whole team! Nothing makes us happier than hearing how we’ve helped a customer increase his or her quality of life. We hope you continue experiencing relief and a higher level of wellness so you can make the most of every day!

Do you have a great Massage Chair Store story to share? We would love to hear it! Send your very own review to [email protected] for a chance to be featured as our future testimonial of the month.

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