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What Is The Difference Between A Certified Preowned Massage Chair And A Used One?

What Is The Difference Between A Certified Preowned Massage Chair And A Used One?

What is the difference between a certified preowned massage chair and a used one? The answer is found under the surface. A chair may look like it’s fit to provide the massaging and relaxing experience you are seeking, but how can you be sure?  Let’s explore what sets a certified preowned massage chair from Massage Chair Store apart—and what makes it a better bet for your body.

Opting for a certified preowned massage chair

If you’re looking to reap the feel-good benefits of a massage chair, a certified preowned one gives you what your body needs, and does it at a fraction of the original cost. You’ll even be able to score a top-rated chair at up to seventy percent off its original ticket price. Chairs like these:

  • The luxe Infinity Palisade 3D/4D mimics the sensation of a hands-on deep tissue massage, plus it’s packed with modern conveniences like Bluetooth capability, a built-in USB charging station, and app-enabled controls.
  • The sleek Infinity Altera has an L-shaped roller track and offers soothing heat in the lumbar area to maximize your relaxation. It was made to suit smaller frames and can easily expand to accommodate taller folks, too.
  • Six adjustable massage nodes in the Kyota M680 knead from the neck to the glutes at an intensity that feels best for you. And when you can control the massager settings right from the armrest, you don’t even have to reach for the remote.
  • The Kyota M673 scans your body to create the optimal massage experience for you. It includes gentle compression in the shoulder area that works with the full back massager to create an upper body rejuvenation session.
  • 3D massage technology looks and feels great in the Infinity Celebrity. This chair delivers long massage strokes and has a mechanized footrest that automatically adjusts to the length of your legs.

But most importantly, a certified preowned massage chair is fully inspected and refurbished by factory-trained technicians before it can reach our online storefront. Let’s break down what that entails.

Certified preowned guarantees

A 37-point inspection is performed by our factory-trained technicians on all returned chairs—even the ones that haven’t been used. From a deep cleaning to any needed repairs, each chair goes through a thorough process and comes with the best preowned warranty available that includes:

  • One year, labor
  • One year, parts
  • Five years, frame
  • Free lifetime tech support from our nationwide service network of 100% U.S.-based technicians
  • Free standard shipping to your home

Opting for a used massage chair

Buying a used massage chair doesn’t compare to the worry-free experience of purchasing a certified preowned chair from Massage Chair Store. When you go preowned, you’re shopping with confidence—with no surprises.

So, do you see the difference now?

A certified preowned massage chair is the clear winner when compared to purchasing a used one. Explore our collection of preowned chairs and know you’re making a smart, money-saving choice that delivers all the wellness benefits you deserve.

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