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What’s a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

What’s a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Q: What’s a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

A: No, the chair does not defy gravity, even with all the massage elements running and in full recline, you’re not going to fly off into the atmosphere. Nor does the chair hover, float or even lose weight.   So what does it mean if a massage chair is a zero-gravity model?  It has to do with the recline position the chair can assume. The position mimics the posture astronauts take during liftoff on space missions. Because astronauts endure intense and sudden increases in gravity while escaping the Earth’s gravitational pull, it’s important that they position themselves so that their bodies can deal with the increase in stress. By assuming a reclined position, astronauts distribute the stresses of takeoff across their bodies in a safe way. To that end, the chairs astronauts sit in during launch use this reclined configuration. Watch the video to learn more and find out the benefits!

For more information about zero gravity massage chairs give us a call at 1-800-700-1022!

You can experience zero gravity in both these chairs at our showroom in Kingston, NH. Less than an hour from Boston!

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