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Feel like Royalty: The Infinity Imperial 3D/4D Massage Chair

The Infinity Imperial 3D/4D massage chair certainly lives up to its name, both in its regal-feeling finish and elevated massage experience. This chair is a heavily upgraded and luxe massaging masterpiece that comes loaded with cutting-edge features that sets it apart from the others. Read on to learn what makes the Imperial massage chair at Massage Chair Store such a standout. 

The Best of the Best Massage Technology 

There is a refinement to the Infinity Imperial 3D/4D Massage Chair that instantly draws you in. It looks luxurious and feels even better, and that is largely thanks to how it harnesses 3D Massage Technology. This recreates the hands-on sensation of deep tissue massage you’d get from a pro, and it does it with massage rollers that reach from your neck to your glutes on an extended L-track. Go deeper or keep things light with five levels of adjustable intensity. Plus, this chair is made to deliver the same elevated experience to a wide range of folks thanks to an Automatic Extending Footrest. And it can tuck up against the wall thanks to Zero-Wall Technology that slides the entire chair forward before reclining, unlike lesser chairs.

Set the relaxation scene

The first step towards any relaxing moment is taking a deep breath, and the Infinity Imperial massage chair takes that principle and enhances it with its own built-in Air Ionizer. This gently circulates fresh air to help you feel invigorated and revitalized during a massage.  Built-in LED Chromotherapy lights help set the feel-good mood by balancing mental and physical energies.

Speaking of relaxing, give your body the spot-on relief it is craving with massage styles like kneading, tapping, shiatus, and knocking. The Imperial builds on these traditional techniques and takes things up a notch to help your body and mind feel good. 

  • Dual-roller Calf-Kneading and Oscillation Massage works on both legs to soothe soreness and help boost muscle recovery
  • Sync matches massage movements to music streamed through Bluetooth-enabled speakers
  • Total Sole Reflexology triggers vital pressure points under the feet that can improve lymphatic functionality and help your body reach optimal performance
  • Spinal Correction and Waist Twisting treats tight spots to powerful stretching techniques that aim to lengthen and decompress your spine and help ease back pain
  • Airbag Compression Therapy gently inflates and deflates around muscles to quell aches
  • Body Scanning Technology ensures the massage rollers adjust to fit your body perfectly and hit all the key pressure points
  • Put your feet up with Zero Gravity and feel weightless all over
  • And last but not least, a dose of Lumbar Heat enhances the massage and melts away fatigue

Grab the remote

Manage your massage moment with either the wired controller or wireless remote that is easy to operate while you’re blissing out. Or just grab your phone, because this chair can be operated with the Imperial app for Apple® and Android™. Plug into the USB port to power up while you’re at it.

The high end Infinity Imperial massage chair delivers all that comfort, relaxation, and spa-worthy treatments in an elegant package. And it comes backed by Massage Chair Store’s top-class warranties:

  • Unlimited USA-based customer and technical support
  • Five year structural framework warranty
  • No-cost replacement on covered parts for three years
  • Complete care/No-cost parts and labor (in-home, if necessary) for one year

Now that you know what the Infinity Imperial 3D/4D massage chair is capable of, you can see how hard it is to resist it—so we recommend you don’t even try. Treat your body, mind, and senses to an extraordinary massage experience at home everyday. 


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