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Your Guide to the 6 Best Massage Chairs Under $5,000


There are a lot of massage chair brands out there, so it can be challenging to find the right massage chair that offers the perfect combination of features, functions and cost. If you’re looking for a chair that fits within a budget, you want to avoid purchasing a “cheap” massage chair — because you’ll end up paying more over the long term with frequent repairs and services.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top-rated massage chairs under $5,000 — including key features, current pricing and color options. Check out our full list below and you could find your next massage chair.

How We Picked the 10 Best Massage Chairs Under $5,000

To select the best massage chairs under $5,000, our team identified and tested a variety of options that came in under or just at that price range, accounting for different settings and features.We decided on these recommendations by comparing four important factors: Price, brand reputation, functionality and extra features. We also considered the overall quality of each massage chair’s materials, build, comfort and style.

Read more about our in-depth massage chair selection process.

Our Massage Chair Store team has been in the business of manufacturing, repairing, selling and testing massage chairs for almost 15 years. They’ve spent hundreds of hours sitting in and using different massage chairs to test their functionality, features and overall comfort.

Read more about our team of massage chair specialists.

Selecting the Right Massage Chair Under $5,000 — Key Features to Consider

Massage chairs in the $5,000 range are great options that provide a balance of affordability and a selection of certain premium features. These massage chairs aren’t as simple as budget massage chairs and won’t cost as much as the more expensive premium models.

Certain features can make all the difference for your comfort and convenience. Here are the major features you should be aware of when looking at different massage chair models, and the benefits they can offer:

  • 3D Massage: This is a more advanced version of the traditional 2D Massage offered by most massage chairs. This roller design allows you to adjust the intensity of the massage chair rollers for a more individualized massage.
  • 4D Massage: A more advanced design over 3D Massage, 4D offers a deeper reach and more variable pressure. This feature is particularly helpful for those experiencing back and shoulder issues.
  • Airbags: Aside from the rollers, airbags are the other means for a massage chair to apply pressure to the body. Airbags deliver a compression massage and are usually located in areas that lack rollers, such as the side of the chair and along the legs and arm rests.
  • Body Scanning: Everybody is different, so the best massage chairs need to be able to adjust to your specific height and build. Body scanning technology measures your body and then adjusts and tailors the rollers to target your unique pressure points.
  • Bluetooth: Most modern chairs are able to connect to mobile devices via a Bluetooth connection. This allows you to connect wirelessly to the chair speakers to play your own music or even operate the chair through an application.
  • L-Track: This refers to the design of the rollers along the back of the massage chair. In an L-Track massage chair, the rollers travel from the neck down to the glutes and may even extend down to your hamstrings.
  • Memory Settings: A chair with a memory setting will allow you to save a certain number of custom massage programs. This provides a quick and convenient massage session without having to choose through different settings.
  • Reflexology: This will refer to foot massage features. The massage chair is able to apply pressure to the soles and tops of your feet, providing a relaxing foot massage.
  • S-Track: S-Track massage chairs follow the curve of your body and spine from the neck to the lower back. They tend to not be as long as L-Tracks, instead extending only to the lower back.
  • SL-Track: Sometimes referred to as a J-Track, this design combines the best features of the L- and S-Tracks, offering a more natural body alignment that extends down past the lower back to the glutes.
  • Space Saving: Massage chairs can take up a fair amount of real estate in a room. Space saving design moves the chair forward when in use, allowing you to more easily set up your massage chair against a wall to save space.
  • Zero Gravity: Not literal zero gravity, this is a position that extends your knees outward and elevates them above your heart, creating a feeling of weightlessness that also helps with spinal decompression.

There are a few other novel features and functions you can find in massage chairs, such as heaters and voice control. For more details on these features, see our Massage Chair Glossary of Terms.

When you know which features are your “must haves” and which are the “nice to haves,” you’re better able to make an informed decision about which chair is right for you. With that in mind, here’s our top picks for the best massage chairs under $5,000.

6 Best Massage Chairs Under $5,000

A member of the Massage Chair Store Review Team reclines in a black Kyota Yosei M868 4D massage chair, surrounded by other massage chairs in the MCS test facility.

Kyota Yosei M868 4D

Buy On MCS

Price: $4,999

Colors: Bronze/Brown, Black & Black

If you’re looking for a high-quality massage and top-of-the line luxury features, then it’s going to be hard to beat the value of the Kyota Yosei M868 4D. Normally more than twice as much as this listed price, this massage chair is a top seller for very good reasons. The M868’s 4D rollers are very versatile with varying degrees of intensity, while a host of added techniques like airbag compression and total sole reflexology provide massage benefits from head to toe. The Bluetooth speakers even include a sync feature that can apply the massage strokes in rhythm to the music.

Key Features:

  • Air ionizer
  • Airbag compression therapy
  • Automatic footrest extension
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Calf kneading and oscillation
  • Chromotherapy
  • Custom massage program storage
  • Decompression stretch and waist twist
  • Lumbar heat
  • Smart body scanning
  • Total Sole Reflexology
  • USB charging port
  • Zero gravity recline

Ideal for: Anyone looking for a great deal on the highest quality massage and a robust number of features and functions.

“The Yosei M868 4D is packed with the latest features like the 4D back mechanism that works down the length of your spine, lumbar heat that helps to soothe sore muscles and the Triple Roller, Total Sole Reflexology™ enclosed foot massage which provides an amazing foot massage experience. You can even listen to your favorite music from the built in Bluetooth Speakers which is perfect for winding down from a long day. Thanks to its space-saving design, the Yosei requires only 2″ of space behind the backrest at any given position.”

— The Massage Chair Store Review Team

Profile image of a brown Kyota Genki M380 massage chair.

Kyota Genki M380

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Price: $3,499

Colors: Brown, Black

The Kyota Genki M380 provides the features of a high-end massage chair but at half the price point. It achieves this by using an L-Track 2D roller system. Though 2D rollers aren’t as robust as 3D rollers, the M380’s four node, 360° rotation rollers allow for greater coverage than standard 2D rollers.

Key Features:

  • 12 fully automatic programs, plus 3 MyMemory programs
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Calf kneading and oscillation
  • Chromotherapy lights
  • Intelligent voice command and control
  • Lumbar heat
  • Total Sole Reflexology
  • USB charging port
  • Zero gravity recline

Ideal for: Those who prefer lighter intensity massages and are interested in lower body relief, who want to enjoy certain premium features but without paying a premium price.

A member of the Massage Chair Store Review Team reclines in a brown Kyota M888 Kokoro massage chair, surrounded by other massage chairs in the MCS test facility.

Kyota M888 Kokoro CPO Grade “A”

Buy On MCS

Infinity Prelude

Buy On MCS

Buy On Amazon

A member of the Massage Chair Store Review Team sits in a cream-colored Kyota E330 Kofuko massage chair, surrounded by other massage chairs in the MCS test facility.

Kyota E330 Kofuko

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Buy In Amazon

Infinity IT8500 X3 CPO Grade “A”

Buy On MCS

2 Massage Chairs Just Over $5,000

  • Kyota Nokori M980 CPO Grade “A”
  • Infinity Smart Chair Pro

Which Massage Chair Is Right for You?

Depending on your budget and desired features, you should be able to narrow down your options. However, even when you know what you want, choosing the right massage chair can feel a little stressful. That’s why the team of specialists at Massage Chair Store is happy to lend a hand. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose your ideal massage chair.

We carry several of the brands on this list, and if you see features that you like, we can consult with you to find a chair that best fits your needs.

Give us a call to discuss your options with one of our massage chair experts to experience our A+ level of customer service. Book your free consultation today.

How We Picked These Massage Chairs

Our goal was to identify the best massage chair options under $5,000, along with a few at or just over that price. We accounted for different settings and additional features and prioritized models that also offered a range of “must-have” features for massage chairs, including targeted massage techniques, zero gravity recline, heat therapy options and either 3D or 4D massage technology.

Our team bases our recommendations by comparing four important factors:

  • Price — We try to prioritize a range of options, from more budget-friendly choices to higher-end luxury massage chairs. Our goal is to provide a list of massage chairs that can suit many different budgets. We want to offer something for everyone, no matter your price range.
  • Brand Reputation — We’ve been in the industry long enough to know that different brands offer different levels of customer support. We consider a brand’s level of customer service, support for warranty claims and their capability to provide customer support whenever we recommend massage chairs.
  • Features — Different massage chairs target different parts of the body and offer an array of massage techniques, intensity settings and targeted muscle groups. We try to prioritize massage chairs that will offer a good baseline of essential massage features and then present a wide range of options across different price points.
  • Extras — The right extra features can turn a good massage chair into a great one, but sometimes bells and whistles don’t add enough to the experience. We take a balanced approach by prioritizing massage chairs that offer a decent set of extra features for their price range.

Our team assesses each massage chair by reviewing its features and then testing a sample model. We not only test out each massage chair’s features and functions, but also the quality of its materials, build and accessories. We also consider the overall comfort and style of the massage chair.

After testing each chair, we assign it an internal score that we feel reflects its overall value. We revisit this list on a regular basis to ensure all massage chairs are in stock, continue to meet our high standards and offer our customers the value they deserve.

Our Massage Chair Expertise

At Massage Chair Store, we’ve been in the business of manufacturing, repairing, selling and testing massage chairs for almost 15 years. Our team of trained massage chair specialists not only know the ins and outs of every chair we sell, they’ve spent hundreds of hours sitting in and using different massage chairs to test their functionality, features and overall comfort.

Our team of testers includes a range of body types and sizes. We always ensure that our ratings are based on a balanced consideration of features and budgets to provide our customers with maximum value no matter their price point.

Our expertise is one of the reasons we’re ranked #1 in customer service with thousands of verified five-star reviews that satisfied massage chair owners have left us through Trustpilot.

FAQs on Affordable Massage Chairs

Q: What key features should I look for when selecting a massage chair that fits my budget?

A: What separates massage chairs from each other are mainly the types of rollers they use, the design of the track and its additional features. Determine if you want the higher intensity of a 3D or 4D chair, or whether you’d rather prioritize additional features like full-body airbag compression, body scanning and multiple heat zones. You also want to look at the recommended height and weight for each massage chair to make sure that you’ll be able to sit in it comfortably.

Q: Where is the best place to purchase a reliable massage chair?

A: It’s important to purchase your massage chair from a reputable company. Always take into consideration customer reviews and warranty options. Though it may offer a range of wellness benefits, a massage chair is not a cure-all, so beware of companies that advertise their products as such.

Q: What are the main differences between a budget massage chair and a premium massage chair?

A: Budget-friendly massage chairs may not include all of the cutting-edge technologies that more expensive models have, such as voice control, air ionizers or sophisticated control panels. Premium massage chairs come with many unique features, from voice control and advanced body scanning to AI assisted massage programs. Finding the right balance between the features you want and what you want to pay can help you decide on the right massage chair.

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